Chapter I

Since the beginning of time, mankind has held a space in the world for the unseen. All roads lead to something that appears intangible to others. Then comes along the age old question that we ask ourselves, who are we, if not for our faith?

The start of a life, of a seed planted. 
Only a child, with no reason to question.
This will be all I know.

This is all I know.
I place all my trust in you.
When did this all begin?
Where do I go from here?

Unwavering, unfaltering.
A blind eye for you.

A dash of pink
the singing sky,
I taste acid in the rain

My lapping feet
are giving way
close your eyes
let it begin

We're too far out
don't make a sound
breathe deep and let
rushed water
fill the lungs

My ears pop on the way down
only the sea will hear my cry
I want an out
no one is listening
I'll never find the answer


Chapter II

Where is the grace and glory? Blinded by sheer belief and the words of those before me. Have we not a mind of our own? Do the stories from centuries ago dictate who we are and who we can be in this life? Remember, ignorance is not always bliss.

I can feel the weight of my soul in this shell of a body I once called home. I feel its every breath and every sigh.

Is there more to life than this?
What else is there for me to uncover?
Peeling back the layers.
When will I find myself?

Nevermore, by and by.

Don’t lose sleep over my death
I was drained of blood a year ago
let my lifeless body calcify
and let the flowers grow

In this twisted little experiment
the colours you know all disappear
it begins with my first disappointment
and ends with the last of my fear

Pray before you speak
or don’t ever speak at all


Chapter III

As the dust settles around me, I wake and bask in the light. The darkness does not last for an eternity. This solace shall be mine to keep, for now and for all time to come. It will not be lost on me. You will always be a part of me in this life. Always.

Life in the vivid dream, all these colours wash over me. I can only observe. Veering
off the 
course, guided purely by spite.

You are not obliged to take heed.
But do not consign me to oblivion.
The tangible and the intangible.
One cannot exist without the other.

An intrinsic part of me, always.

Then it all came crashing,
a gash through my reality
years wasted, lost to you
this garment is now heavy
and I’m losing colour in the face

I stretch and feel
the pooling in my veins
the blood I shed curdles,
sits sweetly in your palm

I hate you, come closer
grace your fingers on my chin
you have the rest of my days


Disillusionment of a Belief was made possible thanks to the time, efforts and talents of many
individuals. I would like to express my immense gratitude to Serena Jane and Lisa of Misc.
Management, Josh, Luk, Edward, Imran, Danessa, Tian Poh, Justinn, and Keith.

Special thanks to Darien and The Projector for their patience and support.

Creative direction                                                 Aetll
Photographer                                                          Aetll
Styling & movement direction                    Josh Tirados Suarez
Hair and makeup                                                   Luk
Director of photograhy                                      Edward Tang
Camera assistant                                                  Imran Hakim
Grip                                                                                Justinn Lim
Set design                                                                 Danessa Tong
Set assistant                                                            Yeo Tian Poh
Models                                                                        Serena Jane & Lisa
                                                                                          Van Duren of Misc.

Location                                                                      The Projector

Special thanks to Darien  Chuan and Keith Wong.